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Ahmad Tea Peppermint & Lemongrass 20 Foil Tea Bags (30g)

Ahmad Tea Peppermint & Lemongrass 20 Foil Tea Bags (30g)

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Ahmad Lemongrass Mint Tea

(SKU: LS90003CA8)

This minty flavoured blend accompanied by the tangy taste and aroma of lemongrass is a delightful and sophisticated herbal tea that ensures you will be refreshed with every sip.

A refreshing and natural digestive, our Tea Masters have constructed this blend with the utmost care using 100% natural ingredients to honour the authentic key ingredients.

Being naturally caffeine-free, the Ahmad Lemongrass Mint Tea is meant to be enjoyed any time of the day and is guaranteed to soothe your senses with every sip as it is a light and warm drink. Dried mint leaves are infused into this blend to gain the minty flavour and dried lemongrass stalks and leaves give the mildly sweet, tangy flavour to this blend.

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