Wangedi Kanda

Wangedigala is situated on a close proximity to A4 Badulla - Colombo Highway. It is a well preferred camping destination due to it’s natural camping site on top of the mountain. ‘Wangediya’ in sinhala is referred to Mortar so it’s assumed that the name Wangedigala is formed from the natural shape that the mountain carries which is similar to a mortar.

How to reach Wangedigala

To reach Wangedigala, travel approximately 14km along the ColomboBatticaloa Highway and then approximately 3.2km along the KalupahanaOhiya Road from Belihuloya. There are several starting points for the hike, but the Kalupahana Black and White Bridge route is the simplest and quickest.

Climbing Wangedigala is difficult, with a steep climb clinging to tree branches. Following the walking paths, you may notice that some sections of the trail have vanished.

Hiking through the Wangedigala Kanda forest provides hikers with breathtaking views of the surrounding area, including the Bambarakanda Falls, Lanka Ella Falls, and all the way to Ohiya.