Volunteer Tourism

Volunteer Tourism Volunteer Tourism Volunteer Tourism

Make a difference while enjoying a dream holiday in the paradise island of Sri Lanka, a country emerging from a thirty year old long war and a devastating tsunami, yet with misty mountains, shimmering beaches and rolling surf. Volunteer Tourism.

With many a parts of rural Sri Lanka still waking up into development there are many opportunities for an extra helping hand. May it be teaching English or IT, helping a community to develop a clean drinking water project, helping to eradicate dengue or enhance sustainable forest use and save animals, a traveler with right expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm can make a big difference among the communities wanting knowledge and direction.

Travelers who volunteer among the local communities in Sri Lanka too gain from their firsthand experience of a different culture with its own traditions, beliefs, food and festivities. Working with a community and living among them exposes the travelers to their dreams, joys and aspiration; the difficulties they face and their victories over them, providing an understanding of a community who lives a different life yet smiles and weeps like them.

Volunteers are encouraged to combine holiday with volunteering to give them the best out of their stay. A homestay with a Sri Lankan family helps them bond and communicate better with the country and its people while locals too continue to respect and cherish the volunteers are lending a hand in improving themselves, the community and village.

Volunteer Tourism Volunteer Tourism Volunteer Tourism

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