Viceroy Special Train

Viceroy Special Train Viceroy Special Train Viceroy Special Train

Visiting Sri Lanka have a spare day take thin wonderful train journey to the hills in Sri Lanka in the historical Viceroy Special Train. This is an old English train running in the scenic region from Colombo to Badula since the 19th century.

The Viceroy Special is an experience of life time traveling by steam locomotive only Steam train in Sri Lanka. The train is well maintained and is equipped with with period fittings, luxury compartments having the additions of modern facilities too.

The viceroy Special offers a great mix of comfort and class. The train has two air conditioned compartments for upto 64 passengers total. With all meals served on your seat, you will preserve all scenic movements in your memory. The services of stewards are very sensitive and attentive. While you enjoy the unmatchd scenary the meals and tea is also served right at your seat with friendly and top class service. You may also like to visit the dining car of the train which is setup as a luxury restaurant.

This journey is one of the finest train journeys in the world. The rail track ascends from sea level to the summit level of 6226 ft at Pattipola, the highest point reached by a 5’ 6” broad gauge main line anywhere in the world. The beauty of Sri Lanka is its ever changing geography which is experienced during this journy. You will get to see planes, fields, narrow passages, mountain and valleys, meadows and forests, and waterfalls. The magnificent railway bridges and tunnels are remarkable feat of engineering in the bygone era.

Viceroy Special Train Viceroy Special Train Viceroy Special Train

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