Umandawa Global Buddhist Village

Umandawa Global Buddhist Village or Umandawa Maha Vihara Monastery is a modern religious place in near Malsiripura town in Kurunegala District, Sri Lanka.Umandawa is the only global Buddhist village in the world built on a large plot of land. It is maintained under a controversial monk named Siri Samantha Badra who represents himself as an Arhat.

The Umandawa Maha Vihara Monastery functions as a Buddhist Monastery and a non-profit organization, which is registered under the brand name "Umandawa Maha Vihara Monastery" and the company name "Siri Sadaham Ashramaya" which is based in Dehiwala, Colombo. Siri Sadaham Ashramaya was established in 2004 by the monk Siri Samantha Badra to disseminate Dhamma for practical and spiritual benefits for the development of people.

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