The Saraii Village, Hambantota

Deluxe Mud Chalet

Deluxe Mud Chalet

Small is beautiful and we know it. Nestled under our tree house suites lie the cozy couple of Deluxe Mud Chalets at Saraii which are perfect for those romantic escapes. Deluxe Mud Chalets can be reserved as an extra room as a Tree House Suite "Combo".

Colourful and comfortable, each of our Deluxe Mud Chalets are well appointed with some creative niches and fittings and are lovingly crafted with some artistic nooks that add detailed authenticity to each chalet.

Saraii is all about bringing out your best expression of love which is why we’ve paid some extra attention to bringing out the romance even the simplest corners of these cozy little chalets.

Discover why small is beautiful inside the cozy corners of our Deluxe pair.

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Superior Mud Chalet

Superior Mud Chalet

The largest of our ground abodes is the Superior Mud Chalet that stands apart and alone but is best placed for privacy, comfort and simple relaxation.

Lovingly designed with antique doors and windows and its own private bathroom this is a home by itself for couples wishing to just stay in and enjoy the peace and quiet or for the lazy guest looking for a quiet read, a comfortable bed and breakfast in bed.

The spacious area of the Superior Mud Chalet also makes it perfect for groups of friends wishing to spend their holiday time together. The chalet has its own collection of board games and books and a great collection of tea and coffee that will keep you up for those late night conversations.

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Mud Chalet Suites

Mud Chalet Suites

Saraii's pioneers are now the Mud Chalet Suites. They are large and spacious with bigger than king-size beds and are perfect for the visitors wanting to stay grounded.

Our Mud Chalet Suites are cozily placed for comfort. One faces the rising sun and is surrounded by garden patches of organic fruits and vegetables. The other is tucked away in the corner of the man-made forest at Saraii which inspired its name.

Private and spacious with a fan for additional cooling the Mud Chalet Suites are best loved for their larger than king-size beds.

The cushioned outer porches of each suite at our eco lodge in Sri Lanka allows guests to put their heels up and just enjoy the surroundings or catch up on some reading. The original mud chalets are unique in how they are built, using the age old practice of mud walls which literally breathe. The Sri Lankan villager was a true expert at sustainable housing and Saraii learnt from the best. The walls absorb the cold and moisture at night which help keep the interior cool during the heat of the day. Each chalet also comes with a fan in case the natural cooling isn’t enough, a larger than king-size bed, mosquito netting.

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About The Saraii Village, Hambantota

Saraii is a tourist destination, which promotes sustainable tourism. The name "Saraii" originates from the Hebrew language; and means "the essence". In this context, at Saraii we hope to allow guests to experience the 'true essence of Sri Lanka in its unadulterated form'. We hope to give the guests an opportunity to enjoy and immerse them in a truly authentic 'Sri Lankan' experience. The basic differentiation between Saraii and other guest establishments is that we provide a more natural form of tourism as opposed to packaged tourism. Saraii allows tourists to enjoy themselves while being responsible of their surrounding environment. It allows the tourists to make conscious choices about how they wish to spend their time at Saraii.

Location of The Saraii Village, Hambantota

Here are the many ways you can reach Saraii, located in a prime spot amongst other Tissamaharama hotels. If you're coming from the direction of Hambantota follow the A2 highway towards Wirawila Lake and just before you hit the Lake watch out for the Saraii signboard on your right. If you've passed the lake then you've missed us.

As one of the most conveniently located hotels near Mattala airport, if you're travelling from the other end of the A2 and passing Thanamalwila then we'll be on your left as soon as you cross over Weerawila Lake. Again watch out for our signboard.

If you're coming from Yala National Park continue on the Tissa-Palatupana Yala Road (B499) and take a right turn to B422 on the Tissa Kirinda road til you reach a junction at the Tissamaharama Raja Maha Viharaya temple. Take the left turn called Rubberwatte road that falls back onto the A2 highway with Weerawila airport on your left. When you enter the A2, take a right and go about 1.2 kilometres until you see the Saraii signboard on your right.

Accommodation at The Saraii Village, Hambantota

When you stay at Saraii you learn what it is to respect your accommodation because it not just houses you, it entertains you and protects you. Nature is your host as much as your protector, so treat it well. At Saraii we expect you to be a responsible traveller who respects the environment with all its quirks and virtues.

Tree Houses

There is a magical quality to living in a tree house thanks to memories of the Ewoks, and those childhood dreams of a club house in the trees. But there's nothing like the real thing when you climb up the ladder into the spacious confines of a tree house at Saraii Village. Each tree house is built from forest thinnings from the land these are not just planks of wood stuck on a tree. In fact as our guests will testify they have felt mighty safe up on the trees thanks to the sturdy structure and design that allows a gentle sway when the wind whistles through the trees. Our tree houses draw all kinds of travellers from the adventurous types to those seeking solitude, seclusion and the silence that can only be experienced up in the leaves.
Saraii is home to 3 types of Tree House Accommodation
Tree House Suites , Superior Tree House , Deluxe Tree House

Mud Chalets
Designed along the lines of traditional Sri Lankan wattle and daub homes our mud chalets conjure up one word - Spacious! We have intentionally furnished each chalet with larger than average king-size beds and built them with extra floor space to accommodate more than two people. Traditional Sri Lankan homes still continue to awe modern architects for their functional simplicity and timeless design. Saraii's mud chalets have incorporated most of these building concepts into each mud chalet. From walls that breathe, to the sloped thatched roofs to the 6 inch gap in the wall to prevent insects from reaching the roof our mud chalets have incorporated the "pilla" or open verandahs which are guest favourites for relaxing with a book or just enjoying the surrounding peace and quiet.
Each mud chalet is intentionally built with minimal or shaded windows to prevent the glaring sun of the dry zone from entering the rooms. Guests may not even notice the detail of sustainable architecture we have put in to the making of each mud chalet but they continue to be our most solid constructions at Saraii and we are proud of each one.
Just like our Tree Houses our Mud Chalets come in different shapes and sizes.
Mud Chalet Suites , Superior Mud Chalet , Deluxe Mud Chalet

Facilities at The Saraii Village, Hambantota

The Saraii experience is a simple one - good clean food cooked by local artisans proud of what they do, fresh air, open spaces and breathtaking scenery, local wildlife up close and sometimes personal, lessons on living the way Sri Lankans and a few adventures along the way. Expect an authentic unadulterated experience of real Sri Lanka. Food is a central part of life in Sri Lanka and we love sharing authentic local meals with the choice of Western cuisine if you ask for it. Saraii is one of the most ideal hotels near Yala Sri Lanka to discover the unique bio-diversity of the dry zone. Expect resident peacocks, lizards and amphibians who are part of our very own eco-system.

Outdoor Dining -Celebrate the best of local food when you eat at Saraii. Discover our mouth watering menu.
Lounge Spaces -Saraii's spaces are designed for relaxation. Sink into our giant cushions and discover heaven.
Reading area -Do nothing but put up your heels and catch up on a good book.
Free Wifi -Yes, we've thought of you webaholics who need their internet even on holiday.
24/7 Front Desk -The doors of Saraii are open to our valuable guests always.

Excursions and Day Tours from The Saraii Village, Hambantota 

We are Saraii Village, a home for travelers who search for the road less travelled. We welcome guests who want authenticity in their holiday, we like explorers who seek new adventures and we love travelers who take only pictures and leave only lasting footprints in our hearts.

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Organic Farm Tour
BBQ by the Lake Tour
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The Saraii Village, Hambantota The Saraii Village, Hambantota The Saraii Village, HambantotaThe Saraii Village, Hambantota The Saraii Village, Hambantota The Saraii Village, Hambantota

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