Sasseruwa Buddha Statue

Sasseruwa Buddha Statue Sasseruwa Buddha Statue Sasseruwa Buddha Statue

This Rasvehera Rajamaha Viharaya is one of the most famous and inspiring temples in the Kurunegala District. This royal temple was built two thousand two hundred and sixty-eight years ago by King Pathissa II who ruled Lakdiva. King Devanapathissa who came to Ceylon in the year 287 AD in the year of Sri Buddha established one of the forty fruit-bearing Bodhisattvas from the Southern Branch Bodhirajaya of Anuradhapura at this place. With its establishment, the Satavarna solid Buddha radiance spread. At that time, the place was called Rasvehera Temple. There are several easy ways to reach this inspiring Raswehera Shrine from Kurunegala.The Kurunegala-Anuradhapura road, the Kurunegala-Galnewa road and the Kekirawa-Thabuttegama road are some of the highways.The shrine is also easily accessible by public transport trains and buses. There are 99 caves where Arahants lived in this sacred place. In addition, there are archeological caves as well as inscriptions in this sacred place. Some of the special features of this Rasvehera sacred area are the Aukana Buddha statues. Compared to the Aukana statue, the Rasvehera statue differs in that it does not have a tower and that the Buddha statue protrudes from the rock. Also, as the population is limited and the temple is located in the middle of the forest, it is still very beautiful in a very beautiful and quiet place without any environmental destruction.
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