Poornaka Raksha

Poornaka Raksha Poornaka Raksha Poornaka Raksha

The poornaka demon's mask is large in size. Because it is difficult to dance tor a long time wearing this large mask the dancer wears light weight tender leaves of coconut palms, to maintain his balance.

The complete demon mask is red in color, and the teeth arc white in color. The mouth is kept open and on the ear lobes are ornaments attached to the mask of poornaka demon Verses -

The teeth are white and the earlobes have earrings dangling With large sword in hand inspires fear in the onlooker's mind A kolam (comedy) nowhere clse ever seen is performed here Árpon Look people at the poornaka demon dancing

Poornaka Raksha Poornaka Raksha Poornaka Raksha

【LK94008231: Poornaka Raksha. Text by Lakpura™. Images by Google, copyright(s) reserved by original authors.】