Panchanarigathya Mask

Panchanarigathya Mask Panchanarigathya Mask Panchanarigathya Mask

The Panchanarigata Mask is a very attractive creation. Several female faces have been created. The Panchanarigata Masks have been described in the descriptive verses as follows:-

On the top of the head – are five beautiful faces

Like gataya is glows – in this way the Panchnarigataya has been created

This can be shown as a mask that displays the skills of the craftsman in making beautiful creation. The pat of the mask that is fixed on the face of the dancer is like the face of a beautiful woman. The upper portion resembles a crown. The mask has been designed by show the face of five women together. The local varieties of designs are included in the Panchanari group and this mask is endemic to the Mirissa traditional dance troupe.

Panchanarigathya Mask Panchanarigathya Mask Panchanarigathya Mask

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