Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya



The Walauwa is the newest addition to Palagama Beach. A fusion of Mediterranean and Sri Lankan design, this villa has two spacious en suite bedrooms with large four posted beds and antique furnishings. With ample chill out spots, from cosy planter’s chairs to luxurious day beds filled with colourful cushions, the Walauwa is a great place to unwind and is perfect for a small family or group of friends.

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Araliya House

Araliya House

With its unique curved roof and charming design, Araliya House captivates the eye. A haven of luxury and calm, Araliya is broken into two separate units — living quarters (sleeps up to four people), a kitchen and living room area. This simple division creates an ideal balance between interior and exterior space. With your own kitchen and antique furnishings throughout, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that your stay in Araliya House is as comfortable as possible.

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Begonia Villa

Begonia Villa

Private, spacious and luxurious, it’s a place where life moves at a gentle pace. With two en-suite bedrooms, you can rent the whole villa or just one of the living areas. In Begonia, experience is anything you make it. You can doze off in the garden on our ambalama bench or chill out on the front veranda. This villa is great for families or larger groups.

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About Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya

Offering you something different - a home of your own, Palagama Beach is a wonderful experience for a perfect beach holiday. Located in Kalpitiya along the stretch, this property consists of Cabanas and Villas offering total privacy and seclusion. These abodes offer you a rustic yet elegant ambience that depicts the local village styles in the area with a touch of luxury. From dining in your villa to enjoying a swim with a view of the ocean to watching dolphins in all their glory, Palagama Beach is a charming and luxurious resort that you will always want to come back to.

Location of Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya

Palagama Beach Hotel is located on the Western Coast of Sri Lanka which is nestled on and Kalpitiya peninsula. With miles long golden beaches that is shared with lush jungles and sand dunes that creates the backdrop of this resort, you can expect a village of villas and cabanas. Situated North of the International Airport, you have to drive along for approximately two hours to reach the destination. Alankuda Beach which is becoming a popular tourist destination is home to this property.

Accommodation at Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya

Accommodation offered at Palagama Beach consists of village cabanas, a beach cabana, the Begonia Villa and finally the Araliya House.

Wooden Cabanas - there are three cabanas of this design offered for guests. The "Jasmine Cabana" which is the first ever cabana built at the property consists of a raised front veranda and luxurious red wood while the back garden includes a low cushioned bed that is perfect for a nap. Facilities include a hot shower with attached bathroom and it sleeps three guests. The "Nellum Cabana" which is the largest is quite distinct and has a private back garden with large palm trees offering a perfect shade to a low cushioned relaxation area. Facilities are the same but an extra bed can be included to sleep four guests. The "Rosa Cabana" is set in a large garden which is secluded by a bamboo fence. Spacious and luxurious this is a traditional village hut with thatched roofing and a veranda. Facilities are same as the Nellum.

Beach Cabana - The newest and one of the most breathtaking additions to Palagama Beach is the Beach Cabana. Situated right on the beach, this cabana is made entirely out of wood and thatched roofing with magnificent views of the Indian Ocean. You can witness the sun set over the calm blue waters on your own private deck. While the cabana sleeps four, facilities include a cold shower and an attached bathroom.

Begonia Villa - A place of spaciousness and luxury and most of all private, the villa includes two en-suite bedrooms. Renting of the entire villa or just one of the living areas is allowed. There is a garden that houses a little ambalama where you can doze off for a while or simply chill out in the veranda. You cal also admire the surrounding beauty from the private tree top deck. You can easily accommodate 4 but you can sleep up to a maximum of 8. Hot shower and attached bathroom are added facilities.

Araliya House - Boasting to be a haven of luxury and calmness, Araliya is found in two separate units. A living quarters that sleeps up to four people and a kitchen and living room area. With the division creating an ideal balance, the house has a uniquely curved roof and charming design. This is tucked away from the main village and is set on a flat four acre plain that is secluded and private. With comfortable interiors the Araliya sleeps four guests while there is also the facility of an attached bathroom with a hot shower.

Facilities at Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya

Palagama Beach is a village type property which offers guests a fine fusion of architecture and nature creating spacious living options within acres of land by the sea. The property includes a dining area where you can enjoy meals which are quite a delight. The staff at the hotel is always there to assist you in what ever way possible. There is also a lovely outdoor swimming pool for you to cool off in the scorching sun. Housekeeping services are all carried out neatly while the garden is tended regularly.

Excursions and Day Tours from Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya 

With Kalpitiya being home to a massive Dolphin population, you can head out to sea early in the morning and witness these amazing sea creatures. The Bar Reef which is ideal for snorkelers and scuba divers spans for almost 307 sq. kilometres and includes all kinds of colourful marine life which is a total stunner.

About 60km away from Palagama Beach lies the Wilpattu National Park with over 200 species of birds and also leopards, elephants, sloth bears and jackals. Boat rides along the coast will be a treat with fishing villages around the area offering you a glimpse of the local community lifestyle while water sports can be enjoyed by the adventure lover that include kite surfing, water skiing etc.

Transfer between Colombo Airport (CMB) and Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya

Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya Palagama Beach, KalpitiyaPalagama Beach, Kalpitiya Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya Palagama Beach, Kalpitiya

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