Oldenlandia corymbosa (පත්පාඩගම්)

Oldenlandia corymbosa Oldenlandia corymbosa Oldenlandia corymbosa

The herb has been touted to be useful in the treatment of many diseases and illnesses such as viral infection, cancer, acne, hepatitis, eye diseases, skin aliments and bleeding. However, all its healing properties are inferred from experiments done in the laboratory. So far. I have not seen any formal report on its healing effect when used in human.

The Chinese name, Bai Hua She She Cao, was generally refer to a few similar-looking Oldenlandia species by folks who are not familiar with this plant. Strictly speaking, this Chinese name should be referring to Oldenlandia diffusa. In Taiwan, the local language term used is "Peh-Hue-Juwa-Chi-Cao". Again, this term should be referring to Oldenlandia diffusa. The Chinese name for Oldenlandia corymbosa is Shui Xian Cao . Pictures of the plant shown in some website peddling its medicinal value can be quite confusing between these 2 species. Some publications still used the synonym, Hedyotis corymbosa, instead of the accepted botanical name Oldenlandia corymbosa.

Together with 7 other plants, this herb has been shown to induce uterine contract in rat and was use by women in Tanzania to induced abortion [1-2]. It is probably not advisable to use it in pregnant women.

Oldenlandia corymbosa is part of the catalog of ayurvedic medicinal plants of Sri Lanka.

Oldenlandia corymbosa Oldenlandia corymbosa Oldenlandia corymbosa

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