Nonchi Akka

Nonchi Akka Nonchi Akka Nonchi Akka

Nonchi akka - She is the wife of official drummer announcer. To show her aged state, her hair is shown as being white and old. The Nonchi face displays a toothless mouth, sunken cheeks and dim eyesight. The Nonchi face displays

Does not know her home – comes in the evening from the house

Grows old – Nonchi akka comes before the audience

“ Teeth falling from the mouth mucus from the eyes and dirty saliva from the mouth

body shivering - Nonchi akka comes running?"

This face displays both humours and insult. Some observers state that the Nonchi akka face showing old age is a high-quality creation. A special feature of the Nonchi akka’s character is that it is old, knows wiles, has young ideas in the mind, and these qualities are displayed in this character.

These difference are to be recognized in this creation. The masks belonging to the dance troupes of Gonapola, Olaboduwa, Ambalangoda and Mirissa, display a number of features differentiating them from one another.

Nonchi Akka Nonchi Akka Nonchi Akka

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