Marakkala Kolama (Muslim comedy)

Marakkala Kolama Marakkala Kolama Marakkala Kolama

The masks belonging to the Marakala Kolama (Muslim comedy) have been created giving prominence to the Muslim fez cap and beard. Although the differences are visible between different groups of dance troupes (training groups) the basic features can be discerned and identified separately. In the kolam (comic) verses, the Marakkala Kolama (comedy) is given as follows:- 

What the Muslims eat -

Who does not know

They slaughter cattle -

The Marakkala (Muslim) Kolama (comedy) comes forward.


A dirty blood red coloured fez cap (Muslim hat) and a beard covering the whole face have been included in this face.

Marakkala Kolama Marakkala Kolama Marakkala Kolama

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