Madhuca longifolia

Madhuca longifolia Madhuca longifolia Madhuca longifolia

A deciduous tree with rough, greyish yellow bark that peels into rectangular strips and exudes slow-flowing white latex when damaged. The young flush is reddish brown, while old leaves turn yellow in time. Leaves are seen in whorls crowded at the terminal ends, 3-16 cm long and 1.5-4 cm broad, oblong in shape with a tapered base and apex. The flowers are fleshy, pale yellow in colour, about 1-2 cm, with a central portion that protrudes like a filament over the petals. The flowers are borne solitary, but appear in groups, seem to droop due to the long stalks, and usually attract bees due to its strong scent. The fruit is a yellow berry, about 3 cm, and ovoid in shape with a small curved beak. 

Native. Ornamental tree. Oil is extracted from seeds, used for cooking and used in lamps.

Scientific Classification

Common Name In Sri Lanka Mee
Scientific Name Madhuca longifolia
Kingdom Planta
Family Sapotaceae
Genus Madhuca
Species M. longifolia
Other Names: Illupai (Tamil), Mousey Mi (English)
Average Height Up to 30 meters

Madhuca longifolia Madhuca longifolia Madhuca longifolia

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