About Kegalle

Kegalle lies in midway between Colombo-Kandy A1 main motor road. The location of Kegalle, where Western plains give way to the ascent to Kandy, the gateway to the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka has resulted in delightful landscape.

Kegalle is an agricultural district where Rubber cultivation spread over a considerable area with minor export crops such as coffee, cocoa, pepper, clove and nutmeg too making a significant takes an important place in the economy of the District. Kegalle contributes with industry too: Bogala mine is the most productive source of graphite in Sri Lanka.
Kegalle, is home to Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage that attracts local and foreign tourists in large numbers throughout out the year.


About Kegalle District

Kegalle is a town in Sabaragamuwa Province of . It is located on the Colombo - Kandy road and 48 miles/78 km away from Colombo and 24 Miles/40 km away from Kandy. It is the Capital City of the Kegalle District which is one of the two districts belonging to Sabaragamuwa province the other being Ratnapura District.

District of Kegalle, situated in between the central highlands and western southern planes and has an enchanting environment. Height of the western region is less than 500 feet from the sea level while eastern region exceeds 1000 feet. Rubber cultivation has stretched over most of the area of the District and minor export crops such as coffee, cocoa,pepper,clove and nutmeg takes an important place in the economy of the District. Sri Lanka's best graphite mine is situated at Bogala in Kegalle District. The extent of the District is 1692.8 km2 (169,280 in hectares).

About Sabaragamuwa Province

The Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka contains two main cities called Ratnapura and Kegalle. At an elevation of approximately 500 feet above sea level, Ratnapura is the provincial capital of Sabargamuwa. It is 60 miles (100 km) from the main coastal city of Colombo. Province of Sabaragamuwa The gem-mining centre of Sri Lanka is also a major crossroad between southern plains and the hill country to the east.

In Sabaragamuwa province there is a route to Sri Pada from Ratnapura direction. Excursions include Sinharaja Forest Reserve and Udawalawe National Park. The route towards hill country is beautiful. The surrounding area is a popular trekking destination and a good place for bird watching.

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