Jasa Kolama (Washerman comedy)

Jasaya Jasaya Jasaya

This character has become well known as Jeydi Vidane or Rada Kolama (washerman’s comedy). This mask which belongs to the Bandula Wijesuriya Kolam Kuttama (comic dance troupe) has been cut and separated to enable the movement of the jaws of the face. In colouring a dark brown paint has been used. Gunasinghe has stated that this face has a jovial appearance, with eyes protruding a little way forward, and tongue partly hanging out. In the Olaboduwa, Gonapola, Kolarn Kuttama (comic dance troupe) a well built sturdy figure has been created with moustaches turned upwards with a smiling mouth.

In the literature of the Kolam (comedies) the characteristics of Jasaya has been described in verse —

Keeping a swollen leg slowly on the ground,

Looking this way and that bending his back and

lowering his shoulders a little way

Wearing a cloth up to his knees only

Look how he comes before the audience here assembled.


In the Bandula Wijesuriya Kolam (comedy) troupe, in addition to Jasaya a character called Sebara who is a servant also comes on stage. The mask prepared for him is very similar in colour to that of Jasaya.

Jasaya Jasaya Jasaya

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