Holoptelea integrifolia ෴ ගොඩ කිරිල්ල


Holoptelea integrifolia is a large deciduous tree, about 20–25 m tall (rarely over 30 m), with a broad crown featuring several ascending branches. Bark is grey in colour or whitish-green withoffensive smell, covered with blisters, peeling in corky scales on old trees. Leaves are alternately arranged, elliptic-ovate in shape, 8–13 cm long and 3–6.5 cm wide, smooth, with entire margins (occasionally toothed), and a pointed tip. Leaf base is rounded or heart-shaped.Fruit is notched at the top. Seed is flat.

  • Common Name In Sri Lanka: Goda Kirilla
  • Other Names: Indian elm (E), Ayil, Velaylii, Kauchia (T)
  • Habitat: Monsoon forest canopy
  • Average Height: 15-25 m