Hewa Kolama (comedy about a soldier)

Hewa Hewa Hewa

It can be noted that the soldier comedy (hewa kolama) mask has been created quite differently in comparison with the above mentioned masks. A story based on a soldier in the time of Sinhalese Kings in which his heroic character has been humourously depicted in the hewa kolama (soldier comedy). At least four soldiers appear at the same time on the kolam maduwa (stage of the comedy).

In the wars that were fought in the Kandy and Gampola periods the faces are shown as cut by sword thrusts, dripping with blood and with toothless mouths. The leeches attached to the bleeding wounds are shown in the masks. A twisted mouth and glaring eyes have been created. A description of the hewa kolama (soldier comedy) is given in verses –

In anger or in fear – two boiled eyes and nose

The nose flattened – blood and mucous covered

Alas the way he has fought – dried blood on ears and nose

Falling down again and again – Alas see how the soldier official approaches

Not by being caught in a doorway has my mouth got twisted,

When I went with Captain Bokota to Gampola, Kandy for the wars

With the foreign troops when we fought in two groups and cut one another

A sword thrust at my face caused my mouth to be twisted.

Hewa Hewa Hewa

【LK94008315: Hewa. Text by Lakpura™. Images by Google, copyright(s) reserved by original authors.】