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Go where few men have gone before and see what very few have seen before! Sri Lanka has always been a popular tourist destination, offering a diverse range of sights, sounds and flavors from the tropical jungles to the misty mountains of the central highlands. Much of the island’s beauty is bypassed because of the long journeys and congested routes often associated with internal travel.

Avoid the hassle and all the traffic, travel by air! Catch a birds’ eye view of the passing scenery below while riding in comfort and get to your destination in style. All you need is a ‘Helipad’, an empty field or ground to land and take off.

How to reserve helicopter transfers

Flights will be schedule according to passenger requirements subject to flight availability. For passenger convenience and safety, the aircraft will operate only during daylight and acceptable weather conditions.

We can arrange flights at very short notice, domestic flights can be arranged within 36 hours of prior notice, subject to aircraft and crew availability and cleared funds. For International charters we may need at least 72 hours. For a greater choice of aircraft and price options, we recommend you contact us at least one week in advance of your flight date. This enables us to accommodate any special requests you may have.

Tickets are not required for charter flights, all we require is the passenger details such as passengers name, nationality, date of birth and passport number. In all cases, you will be advised of the passenger information we will require well in advance of your flight.

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