Green Path

Green Path Green Path Green Path

Dr Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, also known as the Green Path, is a two way street with a wide stretch of manicured grass, and neatly planted palm trees, separating the sides. It cuts straight through from the roundabout junction next to the Colombo Public Library to the roundabout at Alexandra Place. This straight road enables vehicles to bypass the longer stretch of Albert Crescent to reach Alexandra Road directly.

While the street does have a fair amount of greenery surrounding it, since they were added as part of the Urban Redevelopment Project a few years ago; the truth remains that Green Path has nothing to do with the color green.

It was merely a catchy name for one of the most famous open-air venues in Colombo. A number of events; such as food festivals, fairs, music concerts, non-profit initiatives, and even drag racing; take place here.

These events may be paid events or entrance free events; and gain huge popularity due to the venue.

During times that there are no events; the Green Path turns into an avenue for street artists and craftsmen to display their work. As such many abstract paintings, multi frame wall art, oil paintings and many such pieces of art brighten up the entire place. Woodworking and metal working craftsmen, with a number of other handcrafted item sellers, hawk their wares to passers by. Considering that the products here are original pieces, and can be bought at a much lower price when compared to those in stores; these street artists do pretty well with their daily sales.

So, regardless of whether there are any events happening, do take the time to pop by Green Path while in Colombo.

Green Path Green Path Green Path

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