Garcinia morella; ගොරකා

Sour gourd is an indispensable spice in the kitchen. Garcinia morella(Goraka) is well known in the village as a flavoring agent in cooking as well as a food preservative. Although there are 4 types of snorts, hot snorts, flower snorts, cow snorts, country snorts, etc., only cow snorts and hot snorts are mainly used for food preparation. The flower gourd is not used for food but the country gourd is used as a fruit.

Garcinia morella(Goraka) is a high yielding crop that can be harvested at no cost. It is an appetite suppressant. Dried Garcinia morella(Goraka) bark is used for food as well as medicine. Snoring can also be used to control blood cholesterol levels. Garcinia morella(Goraka) is also a proven remedy for hemorrhoids and worms. Weight gain can be controlled by eating daily. Garcinia morella(Goraka) is also used for various purposes in daily life. Garcinia morella(Goraka) is widely used in the preparation of meat and fish as well as in sourdough and jadi. Put the garlic in a bowl with the gourd husks and keep it light-resistant to preserve the garlic.

Medicinal properties of Garcinia morella(Goraka):

According to scientific research, Garcinia morella(Goraka) is a drug that helps to lose weight, detoxify and preserve youth. In Ayurveda, Garcinia morella(Goraka) is known as "Vrikshamla". Ayurveda states that "Vrikshamla" is more beneficial to the heart as a sour-tasting substance. Garcinia morella(Goraka) is an excellent remedy to prevent gastritis as well as for those who have problems due to obesity. Research has shown that gourds have the ability to stimulate insulin-secreting cells in people with diabetes. Accordingly, gorillas also have the potential to increase insulin release. Garcinia morella(Goraka) is also used in the treatment of digestive diseases as well as arthritis and uterine diseases. Garcinia morella(Goraka) is also considered to be a rich antioxidant. Accordingly, it has anti-cancer properties. It also helps prevent cancer, especially in the esophagus. Garcinia morella(Goraka) is also a proven remedy for hemorrhoids and worms. Garcinia morella(Goraka) juice is used to treat gum disease, intestinal ailments, ulcers and wounds, and Garcinia morella(Goraka) leaf bark and flowers are also used in fracture treatments. Milk and glue extracted from the bark of the Garcinia morella(Goraka) tree are also used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also considered as an antiseptic.

Nutritional value of Garcinia morella(Goraka):

Garcinia morella(Goraka) fruit has been found to have a number of essential nutritional properties. It contains calcium, hydroxycitric acid, vitamin C, fiber and water. A special feature of gourds is that they do not contain sugar and calories. It also contains tartaric acid, potassium and minerals.

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