Gangewadiya Gangewadiya Gangewadiya

About Gange Wadiya

Gange Wadiya is situated in the Puttalam district along the Mannar road close to Eluwankulama in the Wilpattu National park border. The Fisheries industry is the main livelihood of the people who live here. A large number of Muslim families live in Gange Wadiya. Gange Wadiya is located close to the Kala Oya invaluable Kumbuk trees are found all around the area. Ancient Kumbuk trees are found in the banks of the Kala Oya and other places in Gange Wadiya, damage caused to the environment must be stemmed. Wild elephants can be seen roaming in the night on the way to Gange Wadiya. Public Transport is not available to this village. Three-wheelers, motor cycles and bicycles are used by the people for transportation.

Things to do in Gange Wadiya

kayaking in Gange Wadiya

Gange Wadiya is a perfect spot to have a stunning kayaking experience. kayak adventure along the borders of Sri Lanka’s largest national park or explore the beautiful Kala Oya by kayak. On this trip you will see lots of birdlife, Kingfishers, Sea Eagles, Peacocks and if you are lucky you may get to see elephant coming down to the river too.

Lagoon Fishing

Gange Wadiya is a divers ecosystem which rich in aquatic fauna and flora. Gange Wadiya famous as a fishing village home to range of popular variety of fish.

Camping at Gange Wadiya

Overnight camping at the Gange Wadiya is the one of the best way to experience sights and sounds of the jungle.

Gangewadiya Gangewadiya Gangewadiya

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