Elephant Rock Point

Elephant Rock Point Elephant Rock Point Elephant Rock Point

Elephant Rock, named after the rock’s supposed resemblance to an elephant, is an extremely popular surf spot for beginners, located only 4km away from Arugam Bay. Although Elephant Rock may be well known, it is one of the least crowded beaches on the island, largely due to its lack of road access. To get here you must take a tuk tuk, get dropped off at the main road, and from there it’s just a small walk, scramble, and (sometimes) wade to get to the point.

Why Visit?

Elephant Rock is a small outcrop at the edge of a cove and it offers some fantastic panoramic views; it is a beautiful golden strip of beach and is unspoiled apart from a few people selling drinks out of small boats. Sri Lanka is an island full of lagoons especially near beaches, and at the rear end of Elephant Rock, there is a lovely lagoon with dark murky waters, flanked by a small mangrove forest. However, please keep in mind, that as a precaution, locals advise that you do not swim in the lagoon. When the tide is high you have to wade through the water to get to the beach, as the sea floods in the lagoon and submerges the sandbank joining the two.

Elephant Rock Point Elephant Rock Point Elephant Rock Point

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