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Domain Name Registrations Domain Name Registrations Domain Name Registrations

Domain Name Registrations in Sri Lanka

Register ccTLD [.lk] for Sri Lanka as well as gTLDs [.com, .net, .org] now

Web Design Sri Lanka of Lakpura Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., Moratuwa is Sri Lanka’s leading domain name registration provider for Local ccTLD [.lk] as well as International Top Level Domains, i.e. gTLDs [.com, .net, .org] and others. We offer a full range of Website Address- domain name services including domain registration, domain management, domain parking, web hosting, search engine submissions and E-marketing.

If you’ve already registered your domain elsewhere, we would be pleased to offer domain transfers. With competitive rates, we provide access to a fully fledged control panel and follow up with all necessary support.

If you’ve already registered your domain elsewhere and having complications, we would be pleased to offer our services to bring in solutions for website design, website redesign, website development, website re-development, website hosting and E-marketing.

What is a website address or a domain name? is the website address or the domain name of Microsoft Corporation based in Redmond, Washington, USA. In the same grain that the geographic street address of Microsoft allows you all to locate the office of Microsoft Corporation geographically and physically, in the same vein the postal address of Microsoft corporation enable you all to airmail letters to it, the website address(domain name) enables the whole world to reach the Microsoft, Washington, USA on-line from anywhere anytime. You all are free to reach Microsoft Corporation on-line anytime from anywhere else in the world: all you need to know is the website address(domain name) of Microsoft Corporation.

Now, of course you too would like to dish away the access to the whole great world, enable the world to reach your organization or yourself anytime from anywhere in the world. Since that cannot be achieved physically all the times in reality, a virtual presence i.e. on-line presence brings up and brings up the solution with supreme class and color.

Now, you may have noted that while the true name of the business entity is Microsoft Corporation, the website address is The prefix www is the abbreviation of World Wide Web, which enrich you all with the on-line presence in our world. Since www is common to all domains and set up by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the buyer of the domain name has no hand in it. The name, in this example Microsoft [name] and the suffix, the necessary tag, com [TLD] can be selected as the buyer deems it suit his requirements.

How do you select a domain name?

It is not necessary that the person or business entity and the domain name to be same: domain name can be entirely different from the true name of the business entity or true name of yourself. It has become a regular practice to incorporate a keyword into the domain name wherever a company hasn’t been known the wide world over by its brand name. Of course Microsoft, being one of most famous business entities in the world, it has no need of keywords at all. Microsoft is of such great reputation and instant recognition, one could even say Microsoft is the very keyword.

Then of course, should the company name of yours is, for eg. Geo Leather Products (Pvt.) Ltd., Sri Lanka and intend to market your products in Sri Lanka and overseas you may have so that you would have an advantage when engaged in SEO [Search Engine Optimization].

Having said that, we must hasten to add, of course you may have to set up your own brand name. Then again you may buy both domain names and make one of them a primary domain name and have the other domain name (secondary domain name) redirected to the primary domain name. This simple tactic endowed with its own advantage that would serve you pretty well in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process to promote your brand name as well as your products.

The necessary tag, the right-most label in a domain name .com is called a TLD, Top Level Domain. Top Level Domains are at the highest level in the hierarchy of the Internet’s domain-name system (DNS) of the World Wide Web. Management of most Top level Domains is delegated to responsible organizations by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

How do I select a TLD?

TLDs within the Internet’s domain-name system (DNS) of the World Wide Web are organized into three main groups: by country [ccTLDs]; by category [gTLDs]; by TLD for technical infrastructure purposes

By country [ccTLDs]

The country code Top Level Domains are primarily based on the two-character territory codes of ISO-3166 country abbreviations. TLDs such as .lk for Sri Lanka and .in for India have been established for over 250 countries and are referred to as “country-code” TLDs or “ccTLDs”.

In Sri Lanka, the leading agent of .lk registration is Web Design Sri Lanka of Lakpura Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., Moratuwa. Should yours is a business entity marketing your product only in Sri Lanka, in a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view, it would be good idea to have the domain name registered with ccTLD .lk

By category [gTLDs]

Most TLDs with three or more characters are referred to as “generic” TLDs, or “gTLDs”. Should yours is a business entity marketing your product not only in Sri Lanka but also in other countries, in a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standpoint, it is important to have the domain name registered with ccTLD .com in addition to the gTLDs .lk

TLD for technical infrastructure purposes

In addition to gTLDs and ccTLDs, is TLD .arpa, used for technical infrastructure purposes. ICANN administers the .arpa TLD in cooperation with the Internet technical community under the guidance of the Internet Architecture Board.

“Generic” TLDs or gTLDs

The most widely used TLDs are “generic” TLDs or gTLDs [.com for commercial business; .net for Network organizations; .org for Organizations (nonprofit)] introduced in the 1980s by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Of course these are available to all buyers with no restrictions.

The number of registered .com domains alone as at December 2010 amounted to 91 million. Internet’s favorite Top Level Domain, gTLD .com is by far the world’s largest Top Level Domain: it accounts for around 45 percent of all domain names. The other gTLDs introduced also in 1980s, i.e. [.edu for Educational institutions; .gov for Government agencies; .int for international treaty-based organizations; .mil for US Military] involve restrictions in registration.

Introduction of those gTLDs in the 1980s were followed up as follows.

In 2001 and, 2002 by introduction of new unsponsored TLDs [.biz for business; .info for information; .name for individuals, by name; .pro for professions]

Also in 2001 and 2002 new sponsored TLDs [.aero for air-transport industry; .coop for cooperatives; .museum for museums] In 2003 new sponsored TLDs [.asia for Asia-Pacific region; .cat for Catalan language or related to Catalan culture; .jobs for companies; .mobi for mobile devices; .tel for Internet communication services; .travel for travel and tourism industry related sites]

A sponsored TLD is a specialized Top Level Domain that has a sponsor representing a specific community served by the domain. The communities involved are based on professional, technical, ethnic, geographical, or other theme concepts proposed by private agencies or organizations that establish and enforce rules restricting the eligibility of registrants to use the TLD.

For example, the .aero TLD is sponsored by SITA, the specialist in communications and IT solutions provider for the air transport industry — including aerospace, airlines, airports, governments and international organizations. SITA permits the registration of .aero TLD to strictly to the members of the air-transport industry.

What is the duration of the validity of my domain Name?

domain name can be registered a period ranging from 1 year to 10 years. No registration is possible at all for a period exceeding 10 years. In a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective, it is generally recommended to have a domain name registered for a period no less than 5 years.

What are the information required to register my domain Name?

The information we require to register your domain name are the name of would be owner of the domain, postal address, phone number, tele-fax number and e-mail address.

How do I register my domain Name?

All you have to do is call us, Web Design Sri Lanka of Lakpura Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., Moratuwa. We will assist you to select a domain name, check whether the selected domain name is available for registration and register your domain name immediately and you may pay on-line by credit card or deposit cash in our account. Of course you may visit our office in Moratuwa, just over the border at Ratmalana and make the payment in cash. Lakpura Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., No: 78A, C.P. De Silva Mawatha, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

We will register domain names with a gTLD – three letters-[.com, .net, .org] or [ .edu, .gov, .int, .mil ] or [.biz, .info, .name, .pro] or [.aero, .coop, .museum] or [.asia, .cat, .jobs, .mobi, .tel .travel ] as required by your entity.

We are also able to register some of the country specific domain names ccTLDs out of 250 countries listed.

For example, .lk for Sri Lanka; .in for India.

For the business entities (whose product is marketed in Sri Lanka) and any other entities based in Sri Lanka (whose concerns and services are restricted to Sri Lanka), in a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective, it is necessary to have a domain name with tag .lk registered and utilized. Of course domain names with gTLDs such as .com could be registered and utilized too. Indeed gTLD (eg. .com) in addition to the ccTLD (eg. .lk) always turn out to become vitally important in on-line marketing targeting foreign lands.

Still going by the example of Geo Leather Products (Pvt.) Ltd., your registration of would end up being at a distinct disadvantage with a foreign marketer who resolves to register in on-line marketing of its products in Sri Lanka or overseas.

As such, to ensure no market share is unduly lost to a competitor in Sri Lanka or anywhere else in the world, it is important to have ccTLD [.lk] as well as gTLDs [.com, .net, .org] registered today. Since the domain names are registered on a first come first served basis the world over, it is always advised to have your desired domain names registered immediately so that your brand name and keyword wouldn’t be lost to an early bird competitor.

You may visit and do your domain registration on your own or call us now for all your requirements on domain name Registrations in Sri Lanka: +94-117-488188 Ext. 10 or +94-777-900600. Web Design Sri Lanka of Lakpura Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., Moratuwa.

Domain Name Registrations Domain Name Registrations Domain Name Registrations

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