Dik Wee (දික් වී)

Dik Wee Dik Wee Dik Wee

Dik Wee is a medium-grain red rice variety traditionally cultivated in Sri Lanka.The plant develops to a maximum height of 150cm. This crop can be harvested within 4 to 4½ months from seeding. At the stage of ripening the plant stem becomes light bluish in color. The number of tillers per plant is 10 to 12, which is very high compared to other traditional rice varieties. It is resistant to lodging and has a good yield of 80 to 85 bushels per acre and commands good commercial value. It is a popular variety cultivated in the wet zone.Research indicates the presence of medicinal properties useful for the treatment of inflammation, diabetes, cancer, neurological diseases, cholesterol and oxidative stress. Consumption with the bran is important in obtaining such valuable nutritional and medicinal properties.

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