Cymophane Cymophane Cymophane

Cymophane, Sri Lanka

A variety of chrysoberyls displaying chatoyancy caused by the light reflecting from inclusions of tiny parallel needles or hollow tubes, cymophane are commonly known as cat’s eye.

Chrysoberyl occurs in varying degrees of transparency ranging from transparent and clear to cloudy translucent and opaque. Widely distributed within the main gem producing regions of this country and mostly localized around Rakwana, Bulutota, Deniyaya, Morawaka, Elahera, Avissawella, Pelawatte, Horana, Matugama, Panadura, Rathnapura, Aluthgama, Ambalantota, Agalawaththa, Bulathsinghala, Kalapugama and Mestiya, the colour of Cymophane or Cat’s Eye differ from semi-transparent golden-yellow to slightly greenish-yellow or brownish-yellow colour.

Cymophane Cymophane Cymophane
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