Cryptocoryne walkeri

Cryptocoryne walkeri Cryptocoryne walkeri Cryptocoryne walkeri

Cryptocoryne walkeri is a aquarium plant species belonging to the Aroid genus Cryptocoryne. It is known to occur only in Sri Lanka.Cryptocoryne walkeri has a more rigid and upright structure than most other Cryptocorynes. It grows to be 12–15 cm with a width of 8 cm.

Walkeri is interpreted as a rather broad species. But it is sometimes difficult to make a decision whether or not a specimen belongs to walkeri or not. lutea and legroi are close related species to the walkeri. Locality walkeri grows on the banks of the river.  

About characters of walkeri

A classical walkeri with dark bronze-green leaves with a purple lower side. As all common Sri Lanka species, they are easy to cultivate.

The limb of the spathe is relative narrow. The top is mostly a bit folded. This specimen has a rather distinct collar.The reddish color inside the tube.

The female flowers (lower part) are rounded, not seen in other species, but it is not present in all walkeri plants. Note the alveoli (windows) in the kettle wall.

This plant has a purple red upperside of the leaves, making them very attractive for aquarists. The limb is distinct yellow to greenish yellow and a throat of about the same color.

Cryptocoryne walkeri is part of the catalog of ayurvedic medicinal plants of Sri Lanka.

Cryptocoryne walkeri Cryptocoryne walkeri Cryptocoryne walkeri

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