Crescat Boulevard

Crescat Boulevard Crescat Boulevard Crescat Boulevard

Crescat Boulevard is a comparatively smaller, but elegant, three-story shopping mall near Galle Face in Colombo 03. Filled to the brim with both high-end stores and tiny inexpensive boutiques, Crescat is frequented by locals and foreign visitors alike. It has everything that’s needed to spend a nice relaxing day at a shopping mall: shopping, dining, and massages.


The stores within Crescat are of varying size, stocking a number of products ranging from clothes and shoes to books and stationery. There are also some nice perfumeries and accessory shops. The larger ones are mostly branches of top local chains; such as Vijitha Yapa Bookshop, Coco Veranda, and Keells. However, the items that they stock at their Crescat Branches are more varied and/or exclusive, catering to the eclectic tastes of foreigners who visit there. There are also quite a few brand name stores or stores with branded and high-end items that are quite expensive. In addition to these, there are just a few tiny boutiques that cater to those with more inexpensive tastes.

As such the shopping in Crescat Boulevard usually has something that appeals to everyone despite their varied interests and tastes.


The Food Court in the basement of Crescat Boulevard is quite good. Most of the food is delicious and reasonably priced, though there are a few stores catering to those with more expensive tastes. It’s also fairly clean and less crowded compared to some of the other mall Food Courts in Sri Lanka. In addition to the stores in the food court, there are just a few stores selling food on the other floors too. Some of the best places to stop by include Coco Verandah, Sugar Bistro, and Wine Bar, and the Brick Lane Cookie Company. Also know that if you are a fan of cheese, the Keells supermarket branch in Crescat has one of the best selections of cheese with Colombo. But expect it to be on the pricey end


Crescat has quite a few places to sit and relax. Sometimes there are various entertainment shows being put up in the gallery-like central hall. The place also has a massage parlor called ‘ Foot Rub’, one of a chain of such parlors located at congested shopping areas in Colombo, where people are often dead on their feet after a long exhausting day. Their prices are quite okay, and they give reasonably good service. But their messages are not limited to foot massages, and there are many other options too. So Crescat has the cushy option of ending a long exhausting day shopping with a nice relaxing massage.


Crescat has extensive underground parking facilities. There is a small charge, but its secure. So you can be assured of finding parking, even on a busy day

Crescat Boulevard Crescat Boulevard Crescat Boulevard

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