Covid 19

Covid 19 Covid 19 Covid 19

Sri Lanka Today - The Aftermath of a deadly Pandemic that shook the World

COVID-19 - A pandemic that has caused chaos the world over is largely at loose in many nations but as Sri Lankans we are proud to say that we have managed to surpass the danger. With proper guidance from our health officials and excellent governance from our country leaders, we are now rising up as a nation to overcome the consequences.

With travel bans imposed globally, planning your next holiday would certainly be a bitter sweet experience while proper assessment will be required if you are a responsible traveller. Many of you are quite eager to explore the globe while some of you will contemplate the safety of you and your family.

In the wake of the Corona virus, all travellers should be aware of the health and safety measures adhered by airlines, hoteliers, tour guides and even your chauffeurs.

Is the Island Nation of Sri Lanka a safe travel destination?

The global pandemic has not yet shown its way out while no country can readily claim that they are entirely safe. However, Sri Lanka is one of the more “Safer Holiday Destinations” when compared to the many countries that have been affected.

  • We have a low number of COVID-19 patients comparatively while most of the new cases are returnees from abroad who are directly sent to quarantine or a hospital upon confirming positive results
  • The proactive efforts of our government, the armed forces and health officials in imposing an island wide lock down to swiftly identifying the COVID-19 circles and quarantining suspected cases etc, and also producing proper and strict guidelines to all businesses as well as the tourism industry post lock down has been impressive and commendable
  • You are able to use the same vehicle during your stay rather than using multiple modes of transportation and completely avoid public transportation. Sri Lanka is small in size and travelling can be managed without the use of internal flights and train services
  • You can avoid large crowds and encountering other travellers since there are many private villas and small boutique hotels found all over the island. Sri Lanka has many places that are untouched and unknown while we at Lakpura can take you on a journey of a life time.

Lakpura Travels will always care for your health and safety!

We have provided you below, with a list of safety measures while ensuring that you always enjoy a memorable holiday which is tailor-made to suit your needs. Sri Lanka has always been a paradise island with exotic locations drawing many tourists who seek some sand, sun, fun and romance.

With Lakpura, you are in trusted hands. With over 11 years of experience we are proud to state that our customer service and professional level response towards global issues are top notch. We have carried out proper procedures and detailed examinations of our company, staff members who also include our guides and chauffeurs along with our partnered property owners and service providers.

The Customer Care Team at Lakpura

  • Will be available 24/7 to assist you in your travel queries
  • Readily provide all clients with face masks upon arrival at the Airport
  • Once again advice clients with all applicable health and safety regulations imposed by the Sri Lankan Government
  • Provide hand sanitizers upon arrival

The Chauffeur-Guides at Lakpura

  • Will be immediately screened for COVID-19 prior to each airport pick-up
  • All vehicles will consist of a digital thermometer while chauffeurs and guides will test their temperature daily
  • We will disinfect all our vehicles with anti viral sprays on a daily basis. This will be conducted at the beginning and by the end of the day
  • Social distancing will be practised like a prayer
  • All chauffeur-guides will wear a face mask during the drive and guided tours
  • Will be ready to provide proper assistance to all clients who are feeling unwell during their stay. They are all well informed of the recommended health care guidelines, hospitals and guidance networks that have been established all over the island to fight the COVID-19 crisis

Guided Tours at Lakpura

We would like to once again highlight that all our guides and chauffeurs will carry a hand sanitizer at all times and will adhere to the norm of social distancing during all tours. Depending on the rules imposed by the government during the time of each client’s stay, face masks will be made mandatory or have one at hand accordingly. Crowded places may be avoided during walking tours depending on the situation while all these will be discussed prior to your arrival.

Accommodation offered by Lakpura

We have and are still continuing to monitor all our accommodation sites in par with the new health and safety regularities while a thorough assessment will be made before recommending properties for each client. Be it a luxurious villa hidden in the palms of the South or a simple mud hut adjacent to the jungles in East, all properties are expected to have high levels of hygiene and proper safety measures installed. We have a special unit of people working tirelessly to provide you with the required information on hotels, villas and all other properties before your arrival.

Talk to us at Lakpura for travel insurance

Plan with us and enjoy the beauty, excitement and tranquillity of Sri Lanka!

(2020-Mar-23) Sri Lanka joined the list of countries affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Strict measures have been put in place to control its spread and to safeguard the general health and well-being of all current residents of Sri Lanka.

If you are already touring Sri Lanka or plan to travel to Sri Lanka, please visit Sri Lanka's official travel portal and remain up-to-date on the issuing of visa, the operation of arrival and departure flights to and from Sri Lanka, travel bans on certain countries/nationalities, island-wide curfews, suspension of public/private services & operations, closure of tourist sights and attractions.

Covid 19 Covid 19 Covid 19

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