Covid-19 Insurance

 Mandatory inbound visitor’s insurance scheme (MIVIS) special covid-19 coverage - sum insured USD 50,000/-

Benefits Limits
1. Room charges for hospitals designated by the Government (Including laundry/linen charges)  SLR 18,000/- per day (Maximum up to 30 days)
2. Intermediary center room charges (If a tourist tested positive for covid-19)  SLR 15,000/- per day(Maximum up to 30 days)
3. Intensive Care charges  SLR 100,000/-(Maximum up to 30 days)
4. Admission & inpatient registration charges, Medical and Operational Expenses, Nursing and Resident Medical Officer charges including use of operating theatre, Laboratory, Investigations, ward procedures & Special Treatment on the recommendation of the Consultant Specialist on Hospitalization.  Based on actuals
5. Expenses of PCR tests, X-rays, scans, other laboratory tests and drugs that had to be incurred whilst being an inpatient in a government approved hospital, subject to the production of bills; (This excludes the cost of three (03) mandatory PCR tests that should be carried out by inbound visitors after arrival in Sri Lanka)  Based on actuals
6. Consultant/Specialist Fees as well as Surgeon’s and Anesthetist’s Fees.  Based on actuals
7. Government approved quarantine hotel room charges  SLR 15,000/- per day (Up to 21 days)
8. Any expenses incurred for PCR testing, drugs, scans, X-rays or other laboratory tests conducted on the recommendation of a Ministry of Health approved medical officer when staying in a government approved quarantine hotel.  Based on actuals
9. Transport charges from accommodation establishment to hospital/quarantine hotel in the event of 1990 Ambulance service is not available.  Based on actuals
10. Repatriation of mortal remains as a result of COVID 19  USD 10,000
11. Any additional charges incurred for cost of rescheduling flight and extending stay due to being afflicted with COVID-19 whilst in Sri Lanka.  Based on actuals



  • The validity period of this insurance cover is for 30 days from the arrival in Sri Lanka, unless extended through the SLTDA with payment of extra premium.
  • Any other claims for PCR or other tests/drugs owing to COVID-19 while staying in a government approved quarantine hotel should be only under the strict prescription of a Ministry of Health approved Medical Officer.
  • All claims would require proof documents including hotel accommodation (Check in and Check out) and medical doctor recommendation/prescription (if applicable)

Mandatory steps / documents for each and every claim

  • Inform the helpline immediately after a tourist is tested positive and sent to a government approved hospital or an intermediary center and when detailed for quarantine hotels as per prevailing government regulations.
  • It is mandatory to upload the PCR test results done prior to boarding the flight to the MIVIS app when intimating a claim.
  • Documentary evidence of the date when the claimant initially tested positive for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka.
  • For claim settlement on reimbursement basis, the above information should be uploaded to the MIVIS App no later than 21 days after the claimant first tested positive for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka.
  • Extensions to be applied prior to expiry of the existing insurance cover

24-hour emergency medical assistance helpline
Tel: +94 112 557 557 | Email:
In an emergency or when making a claim please download the MIV IS app ( (QR Code)

Covid-19 Insurance Covid-19 Insurance Covid-19 Insurance

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