Covid 19 immunity boosting with ayurvedic products

Covid-19 is a deadly virus. Unprecedented world attention of every sector has been dragged by this pandemic.

The wisdom of Ayurveda, 'Sushruta Samhita' written in 1200 BC- 600 BC clearly explains how a disease can be contagious and also how it can be prevented. A disease is a state of altered or vitiated state of Doshas.This describes Aupsargic disease i.e. contagious disease or spread of disease through contacts. Charaka Samhita describes role of Vayu (air), Udak (Water), Desha (soil & area), Kala (Time) are the factors responsible for 'Janapadodhwansha' epidemics. Further it emphasis on how Ayurveda focuses on preventing diseases as much as curative remedial procedures and it states that immunity, physical & mental strength and hygienic practices are the paramount mean to prevent a disease from spreading and becoming contagious.

Following are some of such measures that can be practiced easily to control and prevent the outbreak of such diseases. Apart from the external measures like covering nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing, certain internal therapeutic treatments also have can be followed.

Ayurveda remedies to promote immunity

Drink Siddhalepa Lakpeyawa twice a day to boost your immunity. Ginger, coriander, pathpadagam, venivel and thippili are well known immunity boosters. Ideal for fever, common colds, headaches, body aches and pains caused by aggravation of the three doshas. Anti-inflammatory properties of ayurveda ingredients pacifies vata, pita, kapa dosha.

Self-care against respiratory difficulties

Steam inhalation with Siddhalepa and lime leaves (also beli leaves if available)

Recommends herbal steam inhalation twice a day with 2gm of Siddhalepa which helps to prevent breathing difficulties and respiratory discomforts. For added benefits, add crushed lime leaves (foys fld leaves.

Siddhalepa Cough Syrup for dry cough

For mild or chronic dry cough and sore throat, drink 2 tablespoons (30ml) of Siddhalepa Cough Syrup thrice a day after meal.

Siddhalepa & Sharshapadi oil for respiratory discomforts

Mix Siddhalepa & Sharshapadi oil, rub your palms together and gently apply on chest area and back.

It soothes the respiratory system and makes breathing easier.

For nasal congestion - Sarwavishadi oil

Apply some Siddhalepa Sarwavishadi oil around nostrils. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothes and prevents nasal congestion.

Self-care for throat infections

Siddhalepa Asamodagam is good for your stomach & throat

Gargle your throat thrice daily with Siddhalepa Asamodagam Spirit which has natural thymol derived from asamodagam seeds. Anticeptic, antibacterial and antifungal activities of thymol helps to treat sore throat and minor oral inflammations. Helps to prevent indigestion, soothes bloating stomach and diarrhea

For symptoms of mucous membrane infection

If you have symptoms of sore throat or throat infections, apply Kolaselesma oil on the sides of your neck.

Energy booster - Siddhalepa healthy pack

Cinnamon in bee honey & garlic in bee honey - take one tea spoon daily. Pure bee honey - take one tea spoon daily. Add some raw ginger pieces if you prefer. It soothe, clear throat and prevents throat infection

Personal Hygiene

Wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using Paboda soap containing turmeric, a powerful disinfectant. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are very important to protect against contagious diseases.

General food habits to boost your immunity

  • 1. Do not fast. Eating a balanced diet and having porridge (le`o) for breakfast can boost your immunity. 2. Try to avoid red meat, add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. (Avoid heaty fruits such as lovi, rambutan mangustin as they can cause throat infections)
  • 3. Always drink warm water. Gargle your throat with salt and warm water twice a day.
  • 4. Lack of proper exercise, lack of proper nourishment due to indigestion and gastritis, can reduce body immunity which make you more susceptible to infections. This can be avoided by taking two Ayur Thripala capsules twice a day after a meal and do at least 30 minutes of some physical exercise

Measures to protect your home, family and employees

  • 1. Tying piece of Asafetida (fmreïldhï) in our hand or neck.
  • 2. Fumigation of homes and work place with smoke prepared with Gugul, Agil, Jatamamsa taken equal amount and powdered, mixed with margosa oil (fldfydU f;,a) and it should be sprinkled on the heated charcoal (fmd,a lgq w.=re).
  • 3. Both physical and mental strength are vital to maintaining immunity in your body. Practicing religious activities, chanting the Ratana Suthra, meditating and participating in yoga exercises will help you to uplift your mental strength. If at any time you feel unwell, please seek medical advice immediately