Coccinia grandis; කෝවක්කා

Coccinia grandis, the ivy gourd, also known as scarlet gourd, tindora and kowai fruit, is a tropical vine. It grows primarily in tropical climates and is commonly found in the Indian states, where it forms a part of the local cuisine. Coccinia grandis is cooked as a vegetable. Ivy Gourd / Scarlet Gourd / Kowai is a medicinal plant commonly found in the arid regions of South Asia. Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) fruits are green in color when young, while ripe fruits are bright red or dark pink. The young leaves of the Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) vine are used to make mallows, and Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) porridge and Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) curry are also used. These are commonly found in Indian, Malaysian and Thai cuisines.

Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) is used in traditional medicine as a remedy for leprosy, fever, asthma, bronchitis and viruses. According to Sinhala medicine, Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) leaf mallow is a good medicine for diabetics. Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) is very popular among diabetics due to its ability to lower blood glucose levels very quickly. But after consuming Coccinia grandis(Kowakka), people with low blood sugar have to eat with caution as the blood glucose level may drop. Therefore, it is better for the body to know and consume almost any food.

Medicinal properties of Coccinia grandis(Kowakka):

  • Controls diabetes.
  • Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) is a well-known drug used to control diabetes. That is, you can lower your blood glucose level by eating Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) leaves. Also, people with low sugar should be careful if they eat Coccinia grandis(Kowakka). That is, eating Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) can lower their sugar levels abnormally. Therefore, both non-diabetic people can maintain their health by checking their blood sugar level and seeking medical advice before consuming Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) leaves.

  • To heal body aches.
  • Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) root and stalk juice can be applied to the affected areas to relieve various aches and pains.

  • Brightens the skin.
  • Eating Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) can brighten the skin. That is, the antioxidants contained in Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) help to lighten the skin by soothing the discoloration of the skin.

  • Relieves constipation.
  • Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) mallow can be taken to relieve constipation. That is, the fiber contained in Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) leaves relieves constipation.

  • Relieves bad breath.
  • Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) leaves can be used as a remedy for bad breath. That is, you can soothe bad breath by chopping Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) leaves and rinsing your mouth with the juice.

  • Cures skin diseases such as eczema.
  • The use of Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) can cure skin diseases such as rashes, eczema and rashes. That is, you can take the juice of Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) nuts or leaves and apply it twice a day in the morning and evening.

  • Relieves chronic cough.
  • Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) can be used as a medicine to relieve chronic cough. That is, take a handful of Coccinia grandis(Kowakka) leaves, put it in a pot, mix eight leaves with water, cut the leaves together, mix half of the leaves with honey in the morning and evening and drink it daily to relieve the cough.

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