Citrus aurantium; ඇඹුල් දොඩම්

Citrusa urantium-Embul Dodam, a thorny plant, up to 10 m tall. Leaves simple, ovate, green. Flowers white, fragrant. The plant has a citrus scent from the outer covering of oranges. The medium of identification consists of small seeds and the juice produced is intensely flavorful.

Citrusa urantium-Embul Dodam contain many nutrients such as vitamins, B vitamins, C, manganese, thiamine, gnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, iron, copper and fiber. Orange juice is commonly used in medicine. In addition, used in medicine roots, flowers, seeds, leaves, bark and fruits.

The persistent cough can be cured by occasionally drinking the honey obtained by heating the sugar in the juice of a nut.

Citrusa urantium-Embul Dodam juice can be used to alleviate hunger, thirst, stomach ailments, heart disease, worms and constipation.

For skin diseases, fever and cough, heartburn, indigestion, various stomach ailments, it is best to mix orange juice with raw ginger juice and honey.

In cases of asthma, cough, indigestion, stomach ache, psoriasis, worms, etc. The steam Citrusa urantium-Embul Dodam mixture is obtained. Hiccups, chest mucus. Ginger juice with orange juice is suitable for symptoms such as heartburn and asthma. Cleanses the mouth.

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