Ceylon Woodshrike

Ceylon Woodshrike Ceylon Woodshrike Ceylon Woodshrike

Common Woodshrike "Tephrodorni pondicerianus"

This small grey brown bird is about 14 cm in size, found primarily in the dry zone of the country. It has been seen in the low country wet zone in drier parts.

Moving in pairs or small groups, the bird is distinguishable by its habit of searching for insects. Rolling its head to the side it peeks in to the vegetation in search of the food items. Calling very softly to each other, the pair or small group combs the forest for its food.

The bird builds a neat cup attached to a branch with mosses and lichens. In this shallow cup it lays about three eggs. The young stay steady crouched in the nest appearing to be like a broken piece of branch until the parents approach to feed. This is a well camouflaged stance. The breeding season is mainly in the months of April —May. 2 – 3 Bluish green to white eggs are laid.

Ceylon Woodshrike Ceylon Woodshrike Ceylon Woodshrike

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