Ceylon Green Pigeon

Ceylon Green Pigeon Ceylon Green Pigeon Ceylon Green Pigeon

Pompadour Green Pigeon "Treron pompadora"

This bird about 25cm in size is quite common in the low country and foothills. The maroon upper wing colours separate it from the Orange-Breasted Green Pigeon. The females appear similar but the middle tail feathers are yellowish green (it is bluish in the Orange-breasted Green Pigeon). As these are always associated with the male bird, the separation is easy to observe.

The birds come to fruiting trees in large numbers, and call “coo” in a very distinct manner often indicating its presence even if not visible among the vegetation canopy.

As of all pigeons, the nest is very flimsy with a few sticks put together. The nesting season is from December to June. Small white eggs are laid. The chicks are brought up on “pigeon milk”.

Ceylon Green Pigeon Ceylon Green Pigeon Ceylon Green Pigeon

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