Cargills Building

This beautiful red and white stone colonial style building with its superb arches was the first to be owned by what was to become the Cargills empire in 1844. It was originally a warehouse and today is a testament to the port activity of the British presence. Beyond the exterior of the building, the interior of the single-storey store on York Street is of little interest, but is still worth a quick visit. You can find a little bit of everything, but in very limited quantities: food products, alcohol, shirts, stationery... and an undeniable nostalgic smell. The bell left at the disposal of the public to give the alarm in case of fire is a must see while browsing the store.

Cargills History

In 1844, William Miller and David Sime Cargill established a general warehouse for wholesale trade in Colombo on York Street. The business quickly expanded and the place was nicknamed "House of Cargills". A century later, the company became a limited company and in 1983, Cargills became the first supermarket chain on the island. In 1996, Cargills became a franchisee for KFC, the well-known American fast food chain, and produced KFC meals in flavors more suited to Sri Lankan palates. Since the 2000s, Cargills has expanded into the fruit, vegetable and dairy markets. Its supermarkets and mini-markets have been named Cargills Food City. More than 260 stores are located throughout the island.

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