Calido Beach

Calido Beach Calido Beach Calido Beach

The calls mix with the crashing of waves, foam-rimmed water rushes towards the golden sands. The warmth of the tropical sun is felt in the heat of the sand and the warmth of the sea. Tall swaying coconut palms fringe the spit of land. It’s a little piece of paradise; just another lovely day on Calido Beach.

The beach is on a spit of land extending between the sea and the estuary of Kalu River in the district of Kalutara, just half an hour from Colombo City. It rose to prominence quite recently when its beauty came to be noticed and began to be promoted more intensely. As such it is relatively unspoiled and is lesser-known.

Having gained its name from the Spanish word for ‘warm’; this sunny beach is filled with the cries of fishermen during the evening, as they bring in their catch and clean it.

Nowadays, quite a few hotels, inns, and restaurants have sprung up along the border in order to profit from the increasing numbers of tourists and locals. There are also places that sell kites, volleyballs and etc. Visitors are advised not to refrain from swimming, or engaging in other similar activities, in the sea between the months of May and September. During this period the monsoonal rains make the waters a dangerous place, with strong winds and rough seas.

Other things to see and do in the area include the giant Kalutara Bridge over Kalu River; the remnants of the Fort and other surviving colonial architecture; the Kalutara Bodhiya, which has the largest hollow stupa in the world; the most popular attraction of the area; informational boat tours on the nearby Kalu River; visits to coconut plantations, where toddy is collected and arrack is made. With all these attractions nearby, Calido beach, with its beautiful deep golden sand, is definitely a fun place to visit.

Calido Beach Calido Beach Calido Beach

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