Bolthumbe Devalaya

Bolthumbe Saman Devalaya is an rather unknown place for the average visitor of Balangoda area. What is unique about this devalaya is according to legend, the history of this place goes as far as Ravana Era. Even today, a prominent place is given to King Ravana in all its activities. During the annual possession which is held in August, the Ravana Flag is carried at the front of possession. The most priced possessions of this devalaya is an ancient Ravana Flag and the supposedly a Ravana vehicle which are never exposed to outsiders.

According to local legend, the final war between Rama and Ravana took place in over the mountains of Dethanagala which lies close to the The Bolthumbe Saman Devalaya. At the end, the king Ravana’s body was severed from the head by a arrow shot by Rama and his body fell the devalaya grounds and its head to Oluganthota near Walawe River. People covered the body of king Ravana with a large mound of earth and this area became to known as Bahala-Thumba which became Bolthumbe over time. Even today the ancient hymns sung at this devalaya describes how this temple was built in honor of king Ravana.

The current Saman Devalaya at Bolthumbe has been built by king Seetawaka Rajasinghe I in the 15th century to move the holy valuables of the Ratnapura Maha Saman Devalaya from the Portuguese invaders. Therefore the Bolthumbe Devalaya had been built in the same fashion of Ratnapura Maha Saman Devalaya.

This historic Bolthumbe Saman Devalaya can be reached by traveling 12.2 kms on the Balangoda – Bogawanthalawa road and taking the Bolthumbe Devala Road. Traveling 1 km on this road will bring you to the devalaya grounds.

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