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About Bolgoda

Bolgoda Lake or Bolgoda River is a freshwater lake in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, straddling the border between Colombo District and Kalutara District. It consists of two main bodies of water, a Northern portion and a Southern portion, connected by a waterway called Bolgoda River. The lake drains into the sea at the estuary in Panadura. The lake is a popular location for watersports.

Things to do in Bolgoda

Water sport in Bolgoda

Bolgoda Lake or Bolgoda River is a famous destination for water sport. From November to March the seas off Kalpitiya offer excellent conditions for both water-skiing, donut rides, and many other water sports facilities available at the resort The calm seas during this period provide an excellent opportunity even for beginners to try their hand at water skiing. Donut rides are always a huge hit with children and sure to keep them entertained.


Bolgoda Lake or Bolgoda River is a divers ecosystem which rich in aquatic fauna and flora. Bolgoda famous as a fishing destination and home to range of popular variety of fish such as Barramundi, Bull-eyed Mackerel, Trevally and Barracudas.

Bolgoda Bolgoda Bolgoda

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