Blue Oak Leaf (Kallima philarchus)

Blue Oak Leaf (Kallima philarchus) Blue Oak Leaf (Kallima philarchus) Blue Oak Leaf (Kallima philarchus)

Physical Characteristics

The forewing apex is pointed and the hindwing is elongated at the anal angle to resemble a leaf in closed wing position. Most of its upper surface is shiny blue in colour. The forewing has a small light blue patch on a broad, blackish brown apical band. A light blue band runs along the interior of the apical band. The female has the same colour pattern, but lacks the brilliance. The female’s hindwing is also scattered with brown scales. The markings on its underside remarkably mimic a dried up leaf due to the unique enhancements in the shape of its wings. These characteristics vary across individuals and no similar markings are shared. A dark line runs from the apex of the forewing to the anal angle of the hindwing in the likeness of the mid rib of a leaf. Both wings are marked in several dark and light patches to resemble fungi.


The Sri Lankan Blue Oak Leaf only feeds on overripe fruits and tree sap. Males perch on foliage in an opening at a stream to search for mates. This is a migrant species.

Habitats and Distribution

This is an iconic butterfly in gloomy wet zone forests, only coming out in openings within forests. Its distribution extends to the intermediate zone and occasionally to dry zone forests along shady streams.

Larval Food Plants

Strobilanthes species including S. lupulina and S. diandra.

Blue Oak Leaf (Kallima philarchus) Blue Oak Leaf (Kallima philarchus) Blue Oak Leaf (Kallima philarchus)

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