Bestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota

Tree Huts

Tree Huts

There is a magical quality to living in a tree house thanks to memories of the Ewoks, and those childhood dreams of a club house in the trees. But there’s nothing like the real thing when you climb up the ladder into the spacious confines of a tree house at Bestlife Eco Resort. Each tree house is built from forest thinnings from the land these are not just planks of wood stuck on a tree. In fact as our guests will testify they have felt mighty safe up on the trees thanks to the sturdy structure and design that allows a gentle sway when the wind whistles through the trees. Our tree houses draw all kinds of travellers from the adventurous types to those seeking solitude, seclusion and the silence that can only be experienced up in the leaves.

The suites are perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway or for friends who travel in groups. Sip a fresh fruit cocktail on the deck of your tree house suite and understand what it means to forget your worries, indulge your senses and enjoy the healing power of the natural world.

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The largest of our ground abodes is the room name that stands apart and alone but is best placed for privacy, comfort and simple relaxation.

Lovingly designed with antique doors and windows and its own private bathroom this is a home by itself for couples wishing to just stay in and enjoy the peace and quiet or for the lazy guest looking for a quiet read, a comfortable bed and breakfast in bed.

The spacious area of the room name also makes it perfect for groups of friends wishing to spend their holiday time together. The chalet has its own collection of board games and books and a great collection of tea and coffee that will keep you up for those late night conversations.

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Eco Shalley

Eco Shalley

Room name pioneers are now the room name. They are large and spacious with bigger than king-size beds and are perfect for the visitors wanting to stay grounded.

Our room name are cozily placed for comfort. One faces the rising sun and is surrounded by garden patches of organic fruits and vegetables. The other is tucked away in the corner of the man-made forest at Bestlife Eco Resort which inspired its name. Private and spacious with a fan for additional cooling the room name are best loved for their larger than king-size beds. The cushioned outer porches of each suite at our eco lodge in Sri Lanka allows guests to put their heels up and just enjoy the surroundings or catch up on some reading

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About Bestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota

We are Best Life Eco Resort, one of the most eco friendly hotels in Sri Lanka provide you an unforgettable Experience to travelers who search for the road less travelled, those who want authenticity in their holiday, and those who seek new adventures taking only pictures and leaving only lasting footprints in our hearts.

288km drive from Colombo is located in the Eco Garden with the best Wild area in Mattala. It's an ideal location for visits to a selection of splendid animal reserves in the Deep South. Eco Resort is situated in spacious gardens, with many Fruits and vegetables Cultivation Site. Eco resort offers Western Eastern cuisine foods.

Our vision is to deliver memorable experiences that engage the senses, tap the intellect, and enhance understanding of the importance of protecting and sharing our natural and cultural heritage so it may be preserved and enjoyed for future generations.

Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future. Jobs, family, employers, and friends can exist one day without any one of us, and if our egos permit us to confess, they could exist eternally in our absence. Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. For life Changing experience, Best Life Vacation provides amazing local tour packages for your needs. .

Location of Bestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota

288km drive from Colombo is located in the Eco Garden with the best Wild area in Mattala. It's an ideal location for visits to a selection of splendid animal reserves in the Deep South.

Accommodation at Bestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota

When you stay at Bestlife Eco Resort you learn what it is to respect your accommodation because it not just houses you, it entertains you and protects you. Nature is your host as much as your protector, so treat it well. At Bestlife Eco Resort we expect you to be a responsible traveller who respects the environment with all its quirks and virtues.

Facilities at Bestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota

Excursions and Day Tours from Bestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota 

The best experience at Bestlife Eco Resort comes from taking the time to enjoy the surroundings. Bestlife Eco Resortoffers authentic, alternative holiday choices for those who crave connections, love meaningful travel and are inspired by simple sophistication in life and travel. Our service style is centered on authentic attention, award-winning treetop lodging, unique local hospitality with sustainability woven into everything we do. Take a Slow Food safari or try our Sustainable Fishing expedition and wind down on a moving treetop lounge.

Bestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota Bestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota Bestlife Eco Resort, HambantotaBestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota Bestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota Bestlife Eco Resort, Hambantota

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