Basawakkulama Wewa

Basawakkulama Wewa Basawakkulama Wewa Basawakkulama Wewa

About Basawakkulama Wewa

According to Chronicles prince Anuradha built the first tank in the country close to his city. Later this tank was enlarged by king Pandukabhaya (437-367 BC) , the son of Panduvasudeva’s daughter to provide water for his enlarged capital. The tank was called Abaya Vapi in memory of one of his uncles called Abaya who ruled the country before him. This tank ( now known as Basawakkulama Wewa) was the foundation stone of a great irrigation network not second any ancient civilization of the world.

Even after the 2500 years,Basawakkulama weva has capacity of 1910 acre feet water is spreads through 265 acres. The bund of the tank is 3900 feet in length and 15 ½ feet in average depth. The tank exists with 460 acres area but it only has one spill which is a natural spill with 100 feet long structure and 9 holes. Although there is a catchment area of 3 ½ square miles it has additional water supply from Thissa Weva. the tank still continue to supply water to Anuradhapura.

Basawakkulama Wewa Basawakkulama Wewa Basawakkulama Wewa

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