Athugala Athugala Athugala

About Athugala

Athugala also called as ethagala is a very splendid rock that overlooks the Kurunegala town in Sri Lanka. Athugala is situated just around 1km away from Kurunegala town. The rock gets the name “athugala” due to its shape of an elephant. This is "the" iconic landmark of Kurunegala. You could select two ways to reach to the top of the rock. Either following the steps in the rock or riding your vehicle to the top. Walk to the top of the rock is little tiring and take around 15-20mins.

As you reach to the top of the rock you could see the temple (Athugala Viharaya) and massive snow white Buddha statue. This temple houses to the huge 88 ft Buddha statue. The great bare rock mountain provides a perfect setting for the Buddha statue.

The gigantic Buddha statue was carved out of a huge rock in the premises itself. The base of the statue is nicely carved with a series of elephants, swans and flower buds. The beautiful granite pond surrounding the statue which is 7 feet in depth makes the statue more pleasing to the visitors.

The view of Kurunagela city from the top of the rock is panoramic and a treat to the eyes. If you are passing the busy Kurunegala town athugala is a must visit place. Also, if you are to say you visited Kurunegala you need to climb athugala.The night view of the Buddha statue from Kurunegala town is simply a breath taking view.

Athugala Athugala Athugala

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