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Panchakarma is meant to purify the whole body by eliminating accumulated toxins. The specialty of this treatment is that it can be administered both to a healthy individual as well as to a sick person. Purification of the body is performed through detoxification by five methods: Vamana, Virechana, Vasthi, Nasyam and Rakthamoksha. Panchakarma is very useful for diseases like Arthritis, Paralysis, Hemiplegia, sexual weaknesses, nervous disorder, insomnia, loss of memory, headaches. The twin wings of Panchakarma share a cabinet filled with Sinhala medicinal herbs and this cottage acts as a native doctor’s clinic for treatment with ointments and native herbs.

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Sarpavisa or Sarpadosha implies Sinhalese manuscripts of serpent lore and snake-bite remedies. Before anti-venom serum became generally available, much reliance was placed on traditional snake-bite remedies contained in ola-leaf manuscripts. In addition, remedies were provided for bites of all other snakes as well as when bitten by dog, cat, tarantula, leech, rat, skunk, scorpion, crocodile, monkey, bee, hornet and all types of caterpillars. This cottage designed as a native doctor’s clinic for treating reptile and insect bites.

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Guru Gedara

Guru Gedara

In ancient Sri Lanka, society was divided into a multitude of levels named Sanga, Weda, Guru, Govi and Kamkaru. The Guru level belongs to teachers (“Guruwaru”). In earlier times, there were no schools and classes for students, were conducted at the teacher’s house. A teacher’s house is named “Guru Gedara”. This cottage acts as a prototype, of an earlier “Guru Gedara”. The bathroom of the 'Guru Gedara' has a 'kalaye' (clay pot) for a shower, because the 'kalaye' was used in ancient days to bathe children.

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About Ambalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella

An eco-resort to its core, the Ambalama Leisure Lounge Hotel is approximately 1 hour away from Colombo and surrounded by scenic beauty that will allow you to relax in peaceful settings. With a river running alongside the property and consisting of cottage type accommodation built and designed according to Sri Lankan themes, the hotel also offers recreational facilities for its guests. Ideal for weddings and also conferences, Ambalama Leisure Lounge Hotel caters to your needs allowing you to simply enjoy your holiday.

Location of Ambalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella

Ambalama Leisure Lounge Hotel is an eco-resort which is located in Hanwella along the Colombo - Ratnapura - Nuwara Eliya Road approximately 30 km from the commercial hub of Colombo. Even with its proximity to Colombo, Hanwella is surrounded by rubber plantations and lush green hills and also is nestled on the banks of the Kelani River. The property spans over 6 acres of land with natural vegetation.

Accommodation at Ambalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella

A quite diverse range of accommodation is provided at the Ambalama Leisure Lounge Hotel which is suitable for honeymoon couples, families as well as groups of friends. There are 2 double air-conditioned cabanas set amidst nature and built above water. These cabanas are very spacious and are equipped with a television and living area. The 3 double non air-conditioned cabanas at the Ambalama Leisure Lounge Hotel consist of private balconies and fine views of the surroundings. Ambalama Leisure Lounge Hotel also has a new wing that includes 8 double non air-conditioned rooms with 4 on the ground floor and 4 above.

The family cottages "Weda Gedara" and "Guru Gedara" are ideal for groups of family and friends. The Weda Gedara which consists of two identical units "Sarpa Visa and Panchakarma" that is interconnected offering dormitory type accommodation. Each unit can occupy 4 people, and has an attached bathroom and living space. 1 additional bed can be added to each unit extending the maximum occupancy up to 10 pax in both units. The Guru Gedara is a two storied unit with 2 double beds and 1 single bed with a maximum occupancy of 5 guests.

Facilities at Ambalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella

Ambalama Leisure Lounge Hotel has a restaurant serving Sri Lankan, Western and Chinese food. Breakfast and dinner is served buffet style for guests while dinner is always a special set menu. There is also an a la carte menu for guests who prefer likewise. The chefs can also cater to guests requirements such as get-togethers, BBQ parties, office gatherings and picnics etc. The in-house bar includes a stock of local and International liquor as well as chilled beer.

The newly built "Adawiya", hosts Wedding Receptions at very competitive rates and consists of two separate units. Each Wedding Reception hall can hold up to 200 guests. Ambalama Leisure Lounge Hotel provides very scenic backdrops for wedding photographs. Ambalama Leisure Lounge Hotel is also equipped to handle conference and workshops for a maximum of around 200 guests. The '"Attapattu Maduwa" a two storied structure, is the conference area, with arrangements required for high profile meetings and different seating arrangements. For recreation purposes, the hotel has an outdoor pool, kiddies' play area, cricket ground and a badminton court. Secure parking is also available.

Excursions and Day Tours from Ambalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella

Just an hour's drive away from Colombo, Hanwella is a small town in the Avissawella electorate. With the Kelani River running alongside Hanwella, towns in the surrounding area include Padukka, Pugoda, Kosgama and Nawagamuwa.

There are also a few waterfalls, green hills and rubber plantations in the region while two main reservoirs are also situated within close proximity to the town. Being an ancient battle ground between the Portuguese and the Sinhalese, you can witness Portuguese and other colonial influences that are still visible in Hanwella. Located on the Colombo - Ratnapura road, guests with time in hand can head towards Ratnapura which is famed as the city of gems.

Transfer between Colombo Airport (CMB) and Ambalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella

Ambalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella Ambalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella Ambalama Leisure Lounge, HanwellaAmbalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella Ambalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella Ambalama Leisure Lounge, Hanwella

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