Acalypha indica; කුප්පමේනිය

Acalypha indica(Kuppamenia) is an herbaceous annual that has catkin-like inflorescences with cup-shaped involucres surrounding the minute flowers. It is mainly known for its root being attractive to domestic cats, and for its various medicinal uses. It occurs throughout the Tropics. As soon as you say coup mania, you're reminded of cats' passion for coup mania. But not only cats but all members of the felidae family, including tigers, tigers, lions and leopards, love the plant. Take. Their passion is caused by the odor caused by a chemical called trans lacta lactone, which is found in the Kuppamenia plant. Kuppamenia, the cat's favorite food, is said to smell about 50 feet [50 m] away. That's why these cats find and eat this coup mania when they get sick. But Kuppamenia can be used not only in cats but also in humans to cure many ailments. Kuppamenia plant is highly valued as a medicine as well as a food.

Kuppamenia, a member of the genus Euphorbiaceae, is found in the lowland dry zone. This plant grows to a height of about 1 ½ -2 m. A delicate owl can be seen on the leaves. This plant is an annual plant with a small erect trunk. The whole plant, including the leaves, flowers, and roots of this plant, is used for medicinal purposes. Kuppamenia contains protein, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, fat, vitamin C, fiber, phosphorus and other nutrients. This coupe mania plant can also be used as a poultice in the preparation of porridge as well as mallow.

Medicinal uses of Acalypha indica(Kuppamenia):

Based on literature studies, Acalypha indica(Kuppamenia) has the capability to serve as anthelmintic, anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-hyperlipidemic, anti-obesity, anti-venom, hepatoprotective, hypoxia, and wound healing medicine.

  • For joint swelling:
  • Kuppamenia leaf juice mixed with sesame oil and salt has the ability to cure swelling by applying it on the joints.

  • For snake venom:
  • The preparation of Kuppamenia leaf porridge is better than snake venom.

  • To get rid of urinary incontinence and urinate well:
  • Kuppamenia leaves can be minced and applied to the lower abdomen to remove urinary incontinence.

  • For defecation:
  • Kuppamenia root juice is best suited for this purpose.

  • For burns:
  • Kuppameniya can be relieved by rubbing the ointment on the burnt areas of the leaves.

Should be considered:

It is important for people with genetic allergies to be extra careful when eating coup de grce. Such people may be allergic to coupemania, which can lead to vomiting and bleeding with urination. Therefore, such persons should seek medical advice before using this plant for medicinal purposes and before consuming it.

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