Aandi Kolama

Aandi Kolama Aandi Kolama Aandi Kolama

Aandi Kolama  Like the Tamil people of India other immigrants to this country like the Aandi Kolama tribes have been commemorated by the creation of a mask for the Aandi Kolama (Aandi Kolama comedy) and this mask occupies and important place. The following is a verse associated with the Aandi Kolama :-

“The beard is a good object

There is a Kinthan (thin) rope

In the beard (rope like appearance)

Dishevelled hair on head

One or two strands of the bread reach the knee.”


In the Mirissa Kolam Kuttama (troupe) and the Aandi Kolama (comedy) a trouser like costume has been used using pieces of cloth stitched together like patchwork. On the upper part of the body too a similarly stitched shirt is worn. A face covered with a beard, a dishevelled head of hair has used in connection with this mask.


Aandi Kolama Aandi Kolama Aandi Kolama

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