Nainativu Island, Jaffna

Nainativu Island is situated 27 km west of Jaffna, as the crow flies, and in 2 km distance from the port of Kurikadduwan (KKD), where ferry boat service to Nainativu is available. The KKD ferry port can be reached by vehicle, crossing two causeways connecting the neighbouring island Pundukutivu and Kayts with Jaffna Peninsula. Boats leave KKD at least once an hour. Travellers visiting Nainativu in the afternoon should be careful to ask, when does the last return-ferry depart from Nainativu and at which of the two piers. Usually, it’s the pier of the island’s jetty, just in front of the Hindu temple. The last boat to KKD leaves about 5.30 pm. Better ask to be sure.