Waterfall Abseiling in Kitulgala

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Waterfall Abseiling in Kitulgala

This tour gives you the opportunity to try abseiling in the wild waterfalls of Kithulgala. Climb up a tall slippery waterfall with just the rope between you and a fall into the abyss. Feel the thrill of riding that knife sharp edge of danger. Get that feeling of deep satisfaction and triumph as you reach the bottom successfully. This is that ultimate adventure that makes you feel alive.


  • Equipment provided
  • Waterfall Abseiling at Hadunella


  • Cost of logistic arrangements and safety equipment.
  • Facilitation cost and supporting crew cost.
  • Bottle of water and transport to activity place.

What to Expect

You will start you tour at 9:00 am from the Kithulgala Adventure Sports Center. Transport will be provided to the location where your activity will happen. The equipment will be provided, as will be your instructor and support crew. You will also get a bottle of water to quench your thirst whilst abseiling

The Hadunella is a 110m tall waterfall with an almost vertical drop. Based in the Kithulgala highland area, the waterfall is ideal for many adventure sport activities. Waterfall abseiling, or Waterfall Rappelling as it is also called, is a sport where you descend from the top of the fall using ropes passed through carabiners and secured at the top. The descent is controlled entirely by you. So a judicious use of your legs and the ropes is necessary to complete abseiling the waterfall.

You will be enjoying climbing down the waterfall. The misty spray in your eyes, the stress of knowing that danger lurks in every misstep you may make and the deep mysterious jungle all combine to make this experience memorable for life. The triumph you feel after the adrenaline rush when you get the top, sends you a blast of endorphins that will leave you happy and self confident for weeks. You willl be finishing your session by 11:30 am and will be driven back to the adventure sports center completing your trip.