Snorkeling in Negombo

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Snorkelling in Negombo

This two hour adventure gives you an amazing opportunity to get a clear view of the sea life that inhabit the shallow waters just off Negombo. Feast your eyes on colorful corals. Enjoy the lively darting shoals of silvery fish.


  • Boat ride to the coral reefs.
  • Snorkeling equipment provided.


  • Boat and snorkeling equipment.

What to Expect

You will begin your snorkeling tour from the harbor of Negombo at 7:30 am. Other timings can be arranged but visibility of the sea floor gets lower later on in the day. In addition, many inhabitants of the sea hide in the shady crevices beyond sight as the sun climbs higher. Your boat ride will take up till 20 minutes to get to the best snorkeling spot in Negombo.

Snorkeling is the sport of swimming with a diving mask and snorkel tube on. Fins are often used for the feet too. The snorkel tube allows the swimmer to breathe for a long time with his or her face underwater. As such, the sport is used to view the ocean floor and colorful sea life, amongst other things.

The sea off the Negombo coast is shallow for a fair distance; protected by coral reefs that act as breakwaters. This has enabled many types of fish that live in shallows, and the life forms that live on the sea floor such as sea anemones, sea cucumbers, starfish, corals (which are formed by polyps) to take residence there.

While snorkeling in Negombo you will be able to see many beautiful sights such as colorful and bright living corals, the large silver blue shoals of small fish, that hermit crab that peeks out for prey, the pretty flowery looking anemones that hide danger in their midst, the clownish that wanders amongst the strands fearlessly and much more. If you bring an underwater camera, you will be able to take some great photos too.

After finishing your snorkeling session you will be returning to the harbor, where the boat will drop you off at 9:30 am completing the tour.