Nuwara Eliya Highlands Cycling Tour from Kandy

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Nuwara Eliya Highlands Cycling Tour from Kandy

This tour gives you the opportunity to go on cross country cycling tour from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. Challenge yourself with this difficult 60 km cycling route. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes that spread before you. Breathe in the chill fresh breeze and feel healthier. Feel your senses sharpen in this high green country, with every push of your foot on the pedal. Visit a tea factory and get to know more about tea. A truly meditative and refreshing experience.

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  • Wonderful views of tea estates and waterfalls.
  • Visit to a tea factory.
  • A challenging ride.


  • Mountain bikes and helmets
  • Managing the entire cycling route.
  • Well experienced cycling guide(s) and his fees
  • Unlimited bottled water during cycle tour portion (500 ml)
  • Back up vehicle.

What to Expect

You will be starting your tour at 7:00 am from Gampola town. You will be using mountain bikes complete with helmets and will also be given an unlimited supply of bottled water during the ride. There will be an experienced cycling guide accompanying you and managing your route continuously. A backup vehicle will follow you as well.

The route you will be taking is approximately 60km long. Since the road is the A5 highway, the conditions wil be good. However the difficulty comes with the change in elevation. You will be starting at an elevation of 500m above sea level and finish at a steep 1885m above sea lea level. Since this won't be a gradual increase, but filled with uphills and downhills, you will be putting a lot of pressure on your legs. You may also find it difficult too control your bike on the steeper downhills, so that even the smallest stone will cause you to crash. Do not take any unnecessary risks, such as going too fast on such downhills. If you are asthmatic, please remember to bring your inhalers. The sudden changes in oxygen content, combined with the exertion of cycling, can cause difficulty in breathing.

However, the beauty of the route you will be taking is well worth the difficulty. In many places your route will be flanked by a steep cliff, either of rock or earth, on one side and a sharp drop on the other. Most of the edges of the drops are not protected, except tall evergreens that stand sentry every few meters. This means that standing close to the edge, you will find carpets of green tea spread before your feet; much of it wild as the area is too steep and rocky for pluckers to access. If there are flatter sections in the valleys, you may see colorfully tea pluckers busy with their work. Along the cliff side of your route you may see waterfalls, or they may be visible in the near distance.

After some time you will be stopping by a tea factory where you will be taken on a short tour. You will get to know more about the various varieties and qualities of tea and how to identify them, as well as how tea is processed. The factory will also have a retail section where you will be able to browse and buy fresh Ceylon Tea or have a cup of the hot brew.

Once you have finished viewing the tea factory, you will continue the ride to Nuwara Eliya. You will be able to enjoy many more wonderful sights along the way. You will be reaching Nuwara Eliya Town by by 1:30 pm completing your tour.

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